"Working next door to Eduard van Kleef at the strategy and operations department of PwC in Frankfurt, I had the chance to exchange ideas and strategies with him on a daily basis. Eddy is a multi-lingual telecom and marketing expert with exceptional presentation and communication skills. He is a very reliable, honest, intelligent and warm-hearted colleague and a man of his word. Eddy is a role model in building up connections and using networks unselfishly to the advantage of the company and other networkers. I can highly recommend him to any networker and employer and I am proud having him in my network and stay connected (in both meanings of the word)"

Dietmar Dold, Business Transformation, Partner at KPMG Switzerland
"I worked directly with Eddy in one important consulting project covering the area of OSS optimization on behalf of a leading European telecommunication provider. Never met a comparable and upright project manager before who is as passionate and an engaged hard-worker with a vision about all aspects of telecommunications like Eddy is. He never gives up and his enthusiastic way of insisting until all tasks are addressed and managed is exemplary, especially in complex and fast changing environments. His great capabilities equip him to deal with company stakeholders and top management in order to assure the successful completion of large and multidisciplinary projects."

Corrado Zana, Business Resilience Practice Director at Marsh Risk Consulting Continental Europe
"Eduard has proven to be a self-starting problem-solver. He reported to me as VP of Strategy when I was SVP of Procurement Excellence. Shortly after arriving he took the initiative to streamline parts of the company's core process landscape, a task that had until then been challenging due to the intercultural traps and resource bottlenecks existing in the company. He continued to tackle various further complex challenges, creating transparency for senior management along the way. Eduard proved to be a pleasant and uncomplicated person to work with, both for senior management, his colleagues and his subordinates. His considerable international experience and language skills meant that he was able to build a good working relationship with virtually all members of the international community constituting the company. He proved to be a loyal employee, always putting company interest first. I can wholeheartedly recommend Eduard to any prospective client or employer. "

Cyril Pourrat, VP Procurement & Supply Chain - Network & IT at Sprint